[thelist] Freaky event selling a car online...... WHY?

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Sun Feb 8 10:28:45 CST 2004


We are advertising our Mini Cooper for sale on a big website in the States 
(we are in the UK)
minimania.com .. someone just emailled me saying:
"look at the Cars for Sale link when you type in www.minimania.com"


link is........
    * <http://www.minimania.com/web/id/4389/ClassDetail.cfm>Cars for Sale
    * Specializing in both New Mini Cooper S and Classic Mini Cooper 
Performance Parts and Accessories. We Also carry a full line of A-Series 
Parts for your Morris, Sprite or Spridget.
    * www.minimania.com/web/id/4389/ClassDetail.cfm
Our advert out of 1160++++

How does this happen?.... it's our advert but just a  stroke of luck? 
co-incidence? the viewers are NOT
logged in to the site  either.. I did hand fashion the html of the ad as 
best I could with a lot of
outgoing links, is that why? most others will be just plain text and no 


Very Interested in "why?"  BTW it doesn't work if you just go for "minimania" 

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