[thelist] Learning XML

David Siedband david at calteg.org
Sun Feb 8 17:40:13 CST 2004

The answer to this question is highly relative to what you want to do 
with XML?
I think the best way to learn is in a project specific context.

If you aren't a Java developer than a book with Java examples won't be 
very useful.
Try and find a book or tutorials that use XML with languages and 
protocols with which you are already familiar.

Do you already use XHTML markup for your web pages?  Maybe start 
experimenting with something like XML-RPC or SOAP.
If you define your goals for using XML it will be much easier to plan a 
study program to get you there.


On Feb 8, 2004, at 2:31 PM, Kevin Stevens wrote:

> I bought a book to teach me XML ages ago and have just got around to 
> reading
> it. I, very naively, thought it would be a piece of cake, I'm 10 pages 
> in
> and I realise I am very wrong. I still want to have a go at learning 
> it, but
> because of the age of the book (maybe a couple of years) most of the 
> links
> to things I need don't work. So I guess I'm asking a couple of 
> things...
> 1. The book says I need Java installed on my machine and refers to a 
> "Java
> Development Kit (JDK)" to be found at javasoft.com. I couldn't find 
> this at
> all, seems to be out of date, so does anyone know what has replaced it?
> 2. I would quite like an idiots guide to XML on the web as a second
> reference. I have looked through Google and found several, but none 
> really
> suit my needs. Can anyone recommend any sites that they have found 
> useful?
> Kevin Stevens
> kjs at ratking.co.uk
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