[thelist] Is web design/dev marketing or IT?

Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 20:55:04 CST 2004

The recent questions about methodology got me thinking. Is web design 
marketing or is it software development or is it IT? Some companies 
have the web design person working for IT, others have this role in 

Where I work I started in software development, but now and am in 
marketing. Software developers have a better approach to building 
things than marketing, in my opinion, because it seems clearer what the 
requirements are.

Working in marketing seems frustrating to me because there aren't any 
other requirements than what the boss thinks "looks good" or what he 
thinks will provide "the best user experience." This subjectivity makes 
it difficult to get requirements, or meet them, because what "looks 
good" can change by the next day. As for user experience, this doesn't 
seem to mean usability, but rather that the user be blinded by colors, 
marketing messages and branding.

Is this pretty normal for web design as a whole? Or is the approach 
more typically to use a more reasoned approach like software 

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