[thelist] My ongoing problem with Google and the Studio Stitchessite

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 9 00:36:50 CST 2004

I just want to say that all I'm saying are just supposition and from my
own experience with google rankings.
I know that it works because I've done it and link+traffic is not the
only way.
Google follows some common rules, and as some have said, the usual way
of doing is:
First, select about 20 keywords, then select 10 amongst them, and
finally concentrate on only 5.
use those 5.
1. make the pages as good as yo can in term of content / keywords, with
all tricks like ALT texts in image, meaningful links and repeatition of
keywords in : title-description-keywords-body(at the beginning, the 300
first visible characters..)
2. submit to dmoz.org in the correct category and pray to be accepted
3. submit to google to accelerate the process, or just wait until google
uses dmoz directory

Also it's important to note that when I say "That doesn't help" or "That
is not good for ranking" I'm talking about IMPROVEMENT not about either
it works or not.
ie: if you put your WELL FORMED links with meaningful keywords as text
of link at the top of the page instead that at the bottom of your page,
that can only help !

It's more in my head than in any URLs, I know..
But I've seen it (I've made it) work !

also I didn't mention it, but naming your contact page
stitches-contact.html instead of just contact.html ALSO helps if one of
your keyword is stitches !!

Also, about the meta tag revisit after : THIS like others meta tags are
just here IN CASE a bot wanna use it, in no case it can force a bot into
doing anything.
So I put 7 days because I use a system of mine that makes the page
always different when loaded.
So at one visit the page will be indexed on some keywords, on another
visit on other keywords.
I keep a base keyword (those 5) and I randomly add some of the 15 others
to the title, description, keywords meta tags as well as in the body of
the page.

It's good. I helps having some traffic from queries that change through
time (thought google bot visits and indexing in fact), but that you
couldn't get such a diversity if you were stucked with a fixed set of
keywords like ALL the sites I've seen so far.


-----Original Message-----
>Plus, another thing : don't repeat a keyword more than once in title, 
>keywords and description meta tags.. It's of no use, and in your case 
>(several keywords repeated) it plays against your page.

true IF the ranking system used down grades you for multiple keywords,
fall over after they have read 60+ :)

>Please don't underestimate your "enemy" (ugly google) and use LINKED 
>CSS instead to set the hidden keywords color..
>If I was google I'd put a very bad point to any site still using this 
>trick. That's what they must already do.

Googles own explanation seems very simple..... links links links traffic

traffic traffic

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