[thelist] My ongoing problem with Google and the Studio Stitchessite

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 9 01:00:08 CST 2004

It plays against the page in any case, if the page are ranked amongst
themselves as I can see it right now in Google, with the smaller titles
(that contains the keywords) get the better places.
it's because eahc keyword WEIGHTS more when they're only a fews in the
title tag.
I'm about 70% sure that with google, at all other things equals, a title
like "my keyword" will display just before a page with title "my keyword
and another one"

About the original thread, which is : is google ever going to index my
other pages ?
I'd say, well probably yes, with the proper links, like you've done,
google will index your successive pages.

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>Plus, another thing : don't repeat a keyword more than once in title, 
>keywords and description meta tags.. It's of no use, and in your case 
>(several keywords repeated) it plays against your page.

true IF the ranking system used down grades you for multiple keywords,
fall over after they have read 60+ :)

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