[thelist] google and the studio stitches site

Jane De'Ath janed at oakwebdesign.com.au
Mon Feb 9 06:11:53 CST 2004

Sorry.  Am I being a nuisance?

It is just so frustrating and I cannot find an answer anywhere!

This all started as a little job of adding the Google Search function to the index page as freebie for the client.  I have done that many times before on other sites and it only takes 5 minutes.

It wasn't until the Google Search function was added that the client noticed that the sub-pages did not index on search engines, because the Google Search on the index page could not find any sub-page keywords.

The original site had been index by Google for 18 months or more, and for some reason Google has never indexed the sub-pages.

The hint about adding html index links was a possibility, but I was dubious from the outset as other sites I have worked on use the same java menus and don't have any trouble with Google finding their sub-pages.

Anyway, I won't bother the list with this issue any more, but thanks to all who offered advice.



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  At 08:31 09/02/2004, Jane De'Ath wrote:
  >Thanks for looking at this Owen and others, but you have just raised another

  I'll tell you what, if google rank you based on hits, the last 5 days of 
  talking about this
  with a link in each post will get you to #1!!!!


  >When I look at the Google cached version I DO see the links at the bottom.
  >Now I wonder, is the cache I see here in Australia different to what you see
  >wherever you are?
  >In any case, although I see the new version with the html links at the
  >bottom, I still only get the index page if I try to search for any content.

  Be patient


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