[thelist] Is web design/dev marketing or IT?

Scott wolpow scott at netalytical.com
Mon Feb 9 08:53:40 CST 2004

At my company we try and educate the client that you need someone at the 
top. A person who can tie it all together.

Scott Wolpow
Public CTO

At 09:55 PM 2/8/04, you wrote:
>The recent questions about methodology got me thinking. Is web design 
>marketing or is it software development or is it IT? Some companies have 
>the web design person working for IT, others have this role in marketing.
>Where I work I started in software development, but now and am in 
>marketing. Software developers have a better approach to building things 
>than marketing, in my opinion, because it seems clearer what the 
>requirements are.
>Working in marketing seems frustrating to me because there aren't any 
>other requirements than what the boss thinks "looks good" or what he 
>thinks will provide "the best user experience." This subjectivity makes it 
>difficult to get requirements, or meet them, because what "looks good" can 
>change by the next day. As for user experience, this doesn't seem to mean 
>usability, but rather that the user be blinded by colors, marketing 
>messages and branding.
>Is this pretty normal for web design as a whole? Or is the approach more 
>typically to use a more reasoned approach like software development?
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