[thelist] Styling Applications embedded in templates

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Mon Feb 9 11:55:10 CST 2004

El lun, 09-02-2004 a las 18:35, Scott Blanchard escribió:
> In a template based publishing system, applications are routinely inserted 
> into a main content area or div of the template. These applications are 
> usually fully self contained applications that are merely "executed" by the 
> application server and their output is written inline to the page in the 
> container element. These applications do not contain head, html or body 
> tags, since the template in which they are loaded already has that 
> informtion.

How about 

1) in <head> link to a global CSS
2) make the CSS dynamic, and use the script URI or something similar to
import the right, application-specific, CSS

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