[thelist] VB6/ADO GetString compile error

Tab Alleman Tab.Alleman at MetroGuide.com
Mon Feb 9 13:54:48 CST 2004

Well, ya know, I did read the reference and was confuzzeled about the
StringFormat parameter.  It looks like it's required but there's only
one possible value?  My MSDN says this:


StringFormat   Specifies that the Recordset should be converted to the
following format.

Constant Description 
adClipString Rows are delimited by RowDelimiter, columns by
ColumnDelimiter, and NULL values by NullExpr. These three parameters are
valid only with adClipString. 

So I have to go through the (apparent) formality of typing
"adClipString", since the first parameter is required, and it's the only
possible value for the first parameter?  How dumb.  :)

...further study has revealed that I also need to omit the "Set" at the
beginning of the line, even though MSDN says that "Set" should be used.
Nonetheless, changing my code to:

            NewStr = rsSprocReturn.GetString(adClipString)

...got me past the error.

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