[thelist] XML Prob

Toby Mills toby at tobymills.com
Mon Feb 9 19:20:03 CST 2004

Evening/Morning/Afternoon all,

Just working on an xml page that will return search results from Google.
However, as norm, I'm having a prob. 
When the XML results are returned, the XML parser is saying that there is an
unexpected character in one of the nodes.
See : http://fukc.homeip.net/tlgm2/links/siteinc/googlesearch.asp?q=george

I have wrapped the text within the nodes with  cdata but that makes no diff.
<title><![CDATA[<%=DocTitle%> ]]></title>

Any clues? One thing that I have not done, as this is a bit on the fly, is
created a Definition file for the XML results that my script returns. In the
past I have managed to get away with this.

toby mills
web developer & programmer



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