[thelist] 3 column liquid CSS layout... needs two columns in second column. Please help.

Stephen Caudill SCaudill at municode.com
Tue Feb 10 09:05:22 CST 2004

--------------- Liam Delahunty wrote: --------------- 
: on 09/02/2004 20:50 Ken Wan wrote:
:: As my subject line indicates, I am working on a liquid, 3
:: column, CSS layout. Everything works fine (some weird quirks in
:: IE-PC but I¹ll try to address that one later). However, within
:: the center column, I have content that spans the entire width.
:: Below this content, I wish to have two columns of content. I
:: tried the following, but it does not seem to want to work: 
: Is this what you're after?
: http://www.liamdelahunty.com/tips/layouts/centre_box_three_columns_01.php

Very nice, Liam!  I haven't seen position:absolute used like this 
before, so it's quite an eye opener :)


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