[thelist] URLs on Stationary without "www."

Manuel González Noriega manuel at simplelogica.net
Tue Feb 10 10:33:38 CST 2004

El mar, 10-02-2004 a las 17:24, Scott Dexter escribió:
> While browsers have no trouble with
> "product.domain.com," I'd strongly suggest having the
> "www.product.domain.com" working as well, because
> people are human and a percentage will assume there is
> a "www" in front of everything (this opinion brought
> to you by real-world experience :) )

Right, people also will try to access ww.example.com and
wwww.example.com often, so be sure to redirect *.example.com to
example.com (or www.example.com, as desired)

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