[thelist] Web Standards Awards

Egor Kloos egor at dutchcelt.nl
Tue Feb 10 10:29:55 CST 2004

Thanks Andy,

I do wonder how many of us have already read the news on Web Graphics 
and your own site. Personally I read both as I suspect most of us do. 
But strangely enough I've only just bookmarked webstandardsawards.com 
since reading it for the third time here on 'the list'. I must be a bit 
thick ;)



On 10 Feb 2004, at 10:51, Andy Budd wrote:
> Just a quick post to let you folks know about the launch of the Web 
> Standards Awards. Each month, a group of judges will be giving awards 
> to the best CSS sites around.
> For more info, see http://www.webstandardsawards.com/
> Andy Budd

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