[thelist] URLs on Stationary without "www."

Walter Torres walter at torres.ws
Tue Feb 10 12:02:20 CST 2004

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> not sure about that.... always thought only the http:// was optional?

well, you can thank Microsoft for that one.

IE "helps" you. It assumes any address given is an Hypertext Transport
Protocol system and will insert the prefix for you.

> what about ftp.etc.com (etc?) does the browser "assume" you mean "www"

well, try it and find out.

But yes, It assumes HTTP.

ftp://ftp.torres.ws will give you what you need.

> most people will assume there is a www in front if they don't see it

Most people "assume" this because that is all they've ever seen.

When I (a a few buddies) started Chicago second ISP back in 92, I could not
convince the "gurus" in the bunch to use 'web.domain' *as well as* 'www'.

Sorry Walter, it's just not the way it's done.

Gee, stogy at 26!

> some domains will be set up to allow it without
> http://despair.com/
> or without
> http://www.despair.com/
> lots won't
> http://nildram.co.uk/
> people don't expect http://lalalal.com to work
> best err on this side of who reads your letters
> or set your webpage to work both ways :0

Yep, I agree.

Mine is set up for those who "forget" the 'www', for those who *assume* the
'www' and for those that actually read my address 'web.torres.ws'

Now, lets not go on about the TLD I use.

I get so many people telling me that their mail to me bounced.

Sure it did. walter at torres.com does not exist! I don't own torres.com

But, because most people have only heard DOT COM on everything the past few
years, they automatically *assume* DOT COM

But that's another story for another time.


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