[thelist] Tip of the Moment: wrapping long words in short divs

Brian W. Reaves brian at brianreaves.com
Tue Feb 10 14:32:47 CST 2004

I wonder if you can do this with long eMail addresses or URI's?

Brian W. Reaves
Web Consultant
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Jacques Capesius wrote:
> <tip type="Wrapping Long Words" author="Jacques Capesius">
> Use an HTML 4.0 "Small Hyphen" (&#173;) to force a line break when the word
> is
> too long to fit within the horizontal confines of its containing <div> or
> <td>, etc.
> Place the Small Hyphen within the word you wish to break, at the point you
> wish to break it should the need arise. If the word is too long to fit
> within its container, the word will be stopped at the hyphen point, a hyphen
> will be displayed and the word will be continued on the next line. If the
> container is wide enough to display the word, the hyphen will not be shown
> and the word will remain unbroken.
> eg. thiswordis&#173;waytoobig would be broken into:
> thiswordis-
> waytoobig 
> </tip>

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