[thelist] dhtml menu recommendations

dave at davedenis.com dave at davedenis.com
Wed Feb 11 07:23:24 CST 2004

We're starting a new website project that'll be using some basic dhtml vertical
menus.  The problem is that because of some issues with the content management
system, we need to generate the menus in the JS file as opposed to just dumping
some hidden DIVs on the page.  OK that's fine, and I was looking at getting
OpenCube's excellent menus (http://www.opencube.com/) but that doesn't look
like it'll happen because we want to retain full control over licensing, etc. 
So I started looking at a few others such as HVmenus
(http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex1/), which is nice but it generates
the original "top level" links via JS and this is no good because with JS
disabled, none of this nav will display at all.  Any recommendations on simple
(no NN4 compatibility needed) dhtml menus that build the menus external similar

menu1_0 = new Menu(etc....)
menu1_1 = new Menu(etc....)

Lots and lots of thanks in advance,

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