[thelist] URLs on Stationary without "www."

Simon Wheatley lists at simonwheatley.co.uk
Wed Feb 11 04:00:17 CST 2004

Jono Young wrote:

>Is it OK to leave off the www. when listing a URL on a stationary set.  For
>instance, is it OK to list a URL as product.domain.com as opposed to www.
>product.domain.com?  I believe that most browsers know how to handle the URL
>without typing in the www in the address filed.  Any thoughts, is this right
>or wrong, acceptable or not?
OK. I tried to resist, but here's my 2c.

I noticed the other day that "http://" is longer than "www", although 
both will automatically highlight. Consequently I tend to drop the 
http:// and use www.example.com.

In your case I would suggest www.product.domain.com, as when/if people 
type this into emails it will get picked up, they're also more likely to 
recognise it as a URL... which is what you want them to do I assume.



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