[thelist] [OT] Home wireless networking

Norman Bunn norman.bunn at craftedsolutions.com
Wed Feb 11 07:59:31 CST 2004


Get a Cable/DSL wireless router. I use an SMC 2804WBR (Barricade - 802.11g)
The router will connect automatically to your ISP and your other devices use
the router as a DHCP server.  Many of these routers come with RJ45
connections as well for your wired connections.

The setup is very simple.  I also have a DLink access point on the second
floor that handles the g network up there.  I works fine with my SMC router
and the SMC wireless card.

Norman Bunn

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> Hello,
> I'm wondering if someone can please direct me to a website / document
> that easily explains wireless home networking to share a DSL internet
> connection.
> I wish to setup a 'server' to connect to the DSL, and have 2 notebooks
> and 2 PC's share it's DSL connection via wireless cards.
> How would I go about this?
> Thanks
> Tim Burgan

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