[thelist] PHP: imageloadfont

Mark Kennedy mark at eurogamer.net
Wed Feb 11 09:37:30 CST 2004

It looks like it involves drawing out your entire alphabet in a single line in
photoshop, saving it as an 8 bit raw file, then sticking a few bytes at the
beginning using a hex editor or something.  Sounds like a real fuss, so why
don't you use one of these functions instead?:

for TrueType fonts:

for PostScript fonts:



On Wed, 11 Feb 2004, Hassan Schroeder wrote:

>The `imageloadfont` function man page
>	<http://php.net/manual/en/function.imageloadfont.php>
>	The font file format is currently binary and architecture
>	dependent. This means you should generate the font files on
>	the same type of CPU as the machine you are running PHP on.
>:: but doesn't explain how you "generate" the file; anyone familiar
>with the process?
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