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Wed Feb 11 14:56:14 CST 2004


A friend of mine is curious ab. some of the information he is getting from Analog.

An excerpt from the Analog report:

Search Query Report

This report lists which queries people used in search engines to find the

Listing the top 30 queries by the number of requests, sorted by the number
of requests.

reqs: search term
----: -----------
  29: corpus christi restaurants
  16: my name in chinese
  11: gentlemens club
  11: cache:n icjgqv nej:www.txcoastalbend.net/wte/gents/ 5401 leopard
  11: corpus christi beaches
  11: chinese name translation
  10: corpus christi nightclubs
   9: corpus christi restuarants
   8: my name in chines
   7: corpus christi clubs
   7: cache:aosrovxn7hij:www.txcoastalbend.net/ corpus christi clubs


He is curious ab. the two queries that begin with 'cache:', and I cannot help him . . . have some suspicions, but no facts.

Can anyone clarify these two search strings - fourth from the top, and the last one?  Nothing I've googled has provided clarification.

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