[thelist] New Critical Security Patch for Windows....

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Thu Feb 12 05:07:55 CST 2004


> From: John C Bullas
> Microsoft who art in Redmond.......
> Thank you for providing virus writers and hackers with
> the exploits from day one be they security loopholes,
> possible buffer overruns or missing canaries, that later
> on enable you to remind us of your beneficence via
> "windows Update"......

technology is built by humans and therefore imperfect.  to cast a stone at
any particular vendor (in this case microsoft) is extremely boastful of your
own abilities, no?  further, it indicates just how out of touch you are with
security news online.  yes, there are a lot of security holes in microsoft
products and yes, microsofts products enjoy a rather dominant market share.
however, the fact remains that alerts from most any non-vendor-specific
security alert service you sign up to have microsoft products in the gross
minority, the opposite of what you might be inclined to believe.  just
something to ponder before you blurt the usual, uninformed, anti-microsoft
rhetoric you hear from self-proclaimed computer experts.


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