[thelist] search engines, and text for non-standard browsers

Liam Delahunty liam at megaproducts.co.uk
Thu Feb 12 05:33:56 CST 2004

on 12/02/2004 11:02 Brian Cummiskey wrote:

> Hi all.
> I recently re-did my site in xhtml/css and focused a lot on standards. 
> It has already spanwed onto google, among others.  The problem is that I 
> coded in a display message for non-standards browsers (as they will get 
> a text-only version) like so:
...  snip...
> I want the message to stay up top- so that style-deprived devices and 
> browsers see this message *before* the rest of the website.  If I move 
> it anywhere else, or give it a div with a position, it won't show 
> correctly on non-styled browsers/etc.
> Am I stuck with these results from google?

Not if you put google and other refers into the code that does your 
browser checking.

BTW, Opera displayed okay, Firebird 0.7 dipslayed okay, but IE 5.5 did 
not. Do you really want to hinder the display in a browser that still is 
the second largest market share? What in particular is done that 
wouldn't work in IE5?


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