[thelist] MySQL vs MS SQL

Hershel Robinson hershelr at netvision.net.il
Thu Feb 12 06:42:48 CST 2004

> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> : > PS: I sincerely doubt the client would be interested in a Linux
> : > solution. He is one of these corporate-type Windoze fans.
> : > I myself hate Windows. :)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> That's not a good basis to start upon recommending a
> solution. :-) There are
> plenty of people running all sorts of large scale
> applications on all sorts
> of platforms. Any of the enterprise platforms will work
> provided you have
> the expertise to make it work.

Oh, I am well aware that Windows works. My day job is front-end development
for an enterprise-level web services group running on Windows servers. My
desktop is also Windows for that reason (we use all sorts of Windows tools).
I just like to take any opportunity that seems appropriate to express that I
personally actually hate Windows. :)

Thank you Ken and Jonathan, for your input. I appreciate the education and


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