[thelist] Mod Rewrite

Alexis Fellenius alexis at winstondesign.se
Thu Feb 12 07:27:07 CST 2004

	I have a htaccess file that has some mod_rewrite rules in it. The 
htaccess file looks like this (I have some exceptions too but I took 
them away for the sake of simplicity):
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule !\.(gif|jpg|png|css|mov)$ 

	It works on directories that exist. So if I request 
http://www.cameralink.se/styles/ it shows the index.php page which I 
have specified in the htaccess file. But if I request 
http://www.cameralink.se/blabla/ (a dir that doesn't exist) it displays 
a forbidden-message (You dont have permission to access blabla/ on this 
	Does anyone know why this happens? My guess is that it is some server 
setting that overrules the htaccess file. My ISP is kinda slow in the 
investigation so I figured if I do some research on my own I could 
speed up the process.


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