[thelist] Looking for Mr. JavaScript

Chris George cgeorge at basecorp.com
Thu Feb 12 09:59:24 CST 2004

After 5 years of being on this list, it still amazes me that instead of
just answering a question (although, you provided a 'ditto'),
chest-beating, posturing, opinionated pokes at apparently flawed
projects takes over.

Could it be that a client has specifically asked for this feature?

Could it be that this is for some specialized app that requires
duplicating some browser functionality?

Could it be that this might just be an exercise to see if it can be

Why bother assuming? Oh, and, you may be 'responding to her query', but
you aren't *answering her question*. But the fortune telling as to her
application of this is quite amusing. I dunno. I guess I just don't
understand the unsolicited advice.

Maybe it's a transmogrifier? It's amazing what you can do with
javascript and corrugated cardboard these days! :-)

Anyway. Chill. I'm writing this in a good mood. Honest.

<tip type="javascript">
	Great "how-to" resource for JavaScript:

> +1. I was thinking about how to respond to this query when the first
> 4 replies flew by. You can certainly get it working as 
> suggested. However, the real question is WHY do you need such 
> a button? The browser back button works just fine.
> Unless this is some kind of photo gallery navigation, I'd say 
> take a hard look to see whether its even needed.

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