[thelist] Mac viewing options for Windows users

Toby Mills toby at tobymills.com
Thu Feb 12 10:35:29 CST 2004

I've installed a program called VMWare (vmware.com) which allows you to
install and run a raft of operating systems from within side windows or
linux. Unfortunatley you cant install OSX to thus have safari, but you can
install Linux and then Conqueror, which is the engine safari based on!
I've also installed a basic copy of Win98 so that I can properly test for
Can't be arsed doing it for win95 though :)


toby mills
web developer & programmer



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Adam George wrote:

>Does anyone have experience or suggestions on how to debug web applications
>for the Mac, while developing on a Windows machine?
This may help, it's a web app for returning screenshots of a site as it 
appears in Safari.



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