[thelist] PHP include() / Require

live4bacon at optonline.net live4bacon at optonline.net
Fri Feb 13 07:49:14 CST 2004

Good day,
So I am just discovering the wonderful world of php and Mysql.

I have been using Dreamweaver to build my site (over 50 pages now) and using the library items in dreamweaver to handle updates to my navigation system.  However I just discovered the php include / require functions  and the advantages of this over the Dreamweaver solution are obvious.  

Could someone be so kind as to point out the downside for me?  (there has to be one right?)


If you care to see / comment on the site I have built please feel free:
<http://b-dub.org:9000/index_new.html>   (my first site, please don't hold back on the critisiscm, the site is built for IE with minimal consideration for other browsers though it seems to do fine in Netscape)


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