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Diane Soini dianesoini at earthlink.net
Fri Feb 13 19:32:00 CST 2004

Not sure I have the answer to the How question, but I have been a 
member of a team using the MVC model, jsp, struts, EJB, and the works, 
so I know what it's like. I was the one in charge of ensuring the html 
and css was up to snuff and the pages looked nice.

We had basically two pages for the grid layouts. One for a horizontal 
table of data, and one for a vertical, name/value pair display of data. 
Our first go around on the product had us make a separate page for 
every screen, but that was too hard to maintain. On this second go 
round all the screen-level stuff was separated as much as possible from 
the display pages. Everything was a template. A "wrapper" template held 
the outer stuff, like navigation and branding stuff. Then every little 
functional piece of the application was a separate jsp template.

This is all to say that despite implementing the MVC architecture 
pretty darn well, as the page designer, there was no way that I could 
have worked on the project without knowing at least a little Java, and 
a little XML, as well as knowing minimally how to work with CVS and 
ant, start and stop EJB servers and the like. But it was a helpful 
team, and in the end before they handed off the project to another 
team, I started to get involved with writing struts.

I found struts to be a very powerful tool, but I do not know enough to 
either recommend or discourage using it.

Nevertheless, if you are intending to use the MVC model to also 
separate the roles for members of the team, your jsp author is going to 
have to be able to work in this type of environment, or else at least 
be able to work on the periphery with a certain amount of confidence 
and willingness to learn.


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> Hi Guys,
> Does anyone know how to divide up website functionality in an 
> MVC-compliant
> site? I'm building a database front-end in jsp,
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