[thelist] Configuring browser setting from CD Autorun

Edwin Martin edwin at bitstorm.org
Fri Feb 13 13:37:05 CST 2004

Minh Lee Goon wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'd like to burn to CD some web pages I'm using for a manual. I think 
> I understand how to get a browser window to load with autorun, but is 
> there a way to get a browser window to open with specific settings 
> (e.g. width=600, height=300, resizable etc.) similar to the JavaScript 
> window.open function?

You can resize the window in the index page that you're loading. Or 
first load a page that resizes the window and then redirects to the real 
index page. Disadvantage is that users see the resize happen.

Another option is to load an empty page, which creates a pop-up.

Edwin Martin


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