[thelist] OT: Windows 98SE and Win 2k formatting new disks

Dave Holloway daveholloway at spamcop.net
Sun Feb 15 06:31:47 CST 2004

John C Bullas wrote:

> For an easy life i have booted a pc from the Windows Startup Floppy, 
> it is only letting me
> format my 120GB disk at around 45GB tops.... if I proceed, install 
> windows 98SE and build a dual boot
> for windows 2k ( 2k installed in the 45GB partition) can I partition 
> the rest of the disk when 2k is
> installed?

Yes. You can do basic partitioning using Windows 2000's disk management 
feature. - Right click on My Computer and click manage - then find disk 

If you want to do more advanced partitioning - like extending the 45gig 
to one 120gig partition etc.. then I suggest using a program called 
partition magic.

Little Dave

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