[thelist] PHP include() / Require

Dave Holloway daveholloway at spamcop.net
Sun Feb 15 06:39:56 CST 2004

live4bacon at optonline.net wrote:

>Could someone be so kind as to point out the downside for me?  (there has to be one right?)
Live4Bacon: The disadvantage is that if you include a file that is in a 
different folder and that file contains relative links, they get broken 
once the file is included, while Dreamweaver templates manage this in 
the background.

However, I would still choose PHP includes over templates as they are 
much more flexible.

then jan guichelaar [artmiks] wrote:

>  Well, in my eyes, Dreamweaver is the downside to the whole story
Pfft.On first glance a lot of people see it as "just another WYSIWYG 
editor which messes with your code".  However, Dreamweaver is great if 
you use it properly and keep an eye on the code it creates.

Little Dave

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