[thelist] Checksum web pages ???

Shawn K. Quinn skquinn at xevious.kicks-ass.net
Wed Feb 18 12:28:18 CST 2004

On Wednesday 2004 February 18 09:32, Sam Carter wrote:
> Is there any technology out there that'll put a checksum on a web
> page at edit time so we can know if it's been hacked?

I have seen a couple of Web sites make detached OpenPGP-compatible 
signatures of each page. If you run a passphrase agent you should not 
need to type in your passphrase more than once to make the signatures.

Any simple, non-cryptographically-protected checksum is subject to 
forgery by a vandal (I don't use the term "hacker" to refer to this 
sort) if kept in the same place as the Web pages. If you don't use 
OpenPGP-compatible signatures, you would need to store the checksums on 
a different computer from the Web server.

Shawn K. Quinn

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