[thelist] Tip: creating Favicon.ico files for a professional bookmark

John C Bullas jcbullas at nildram.co.uk
Thu Feb 19 14:37:30 CST 2004

<tip type="creating Favicon.ico files for a professional bookmark"
author="John Bullas">

if a visitor to your site bookmarks a page in Internet Explorer
the image in the root directory called favicon.ico will be used as a
little graphic in the MSIE favourites listing.. (at worst this file is a 
16x16 pixel
16 colour), study your server logs to see the 404s when people
bookmark your pages and MSIE looks for the favicon.ico file ;)


Generate your ICO files easy and for free using Irfanview 
save out reduced size/colour versions of existing GIFs or JPEGS

If you have unassociated sites in subdirectories off of root be aware
the favicon.ico file in root will be grabbed

Unix server? check the file is named favicon.ico and not Favicon.ico :)


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