[thelist] Multidimensional Array sort

DESCHAMPS Stéphane DSI/SICOR stephane.deschamps at francetelecom.com
Thu Mar 11 07:22:45 CST 2004

> I am trying to sort multidimensional arrays in PHP. I have 
> been trying 
> to use the function 'array_multisort'. 
> :-array_multisort($ar[1], $ar[0], 
> ar[2], $ar[3])
> but if I change the 'inner' array from numbers to "words", 
> then it does not:

Hi Alexis,

Try just this :

             ["Callsign"] => EE1
             ["Sort"] => EE1
             ["ID"] => 7
             ["Type"] => C650

Quotes are required in PHP :)

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