[thelist] [mysql] multiple update query

Gary Paul gpaul at frankgates.com
Thu Mar 11 09:23:34 CST 2004

Try this:

   SET foo = CASE 
			WHEN id=1 THEN 1 
			WHEN id=2 THEN 2 

I haven't tried this, but the CASE statement has always proven handy to me.
Not sure if it is supported in MySQL

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have a large mysql db to update and want to know whether there is a means 
by which i can write a single sql update statement to update multiple rows.

i.e. i know i can do this:
insert into table (foo, bar) values ('1', '2'), ('3, '4'), ('5', '6');

is there a means i can do something like
update table set (foo='1' where id ='1'), (foo='2' where id='2');

have tried various means with no joy.

many thanks

kris burford
midtempo ltd

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