[thelist] Shopping bag vs shopping cart/basket

Lonnie kr43m0r at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 11 16:39:42 CST 2004

I'd say don't stray. Stick with conventions - username, password, cart, etc.

I don't use a "cart" in many brick-n-mortar businesses, yet the "cart" thing
seems to be universally accepted for an Internet venue. IOW, it is well
defined and recognized.

I build private family oriented sites - cyberhomes, as it were. Rather than
using the excepted convention of "password", I used "keycode" for
registration and access on one. Big mistake! Registrants inevitably ask
"What is a keycode?" They don't really "get the idea".

> I think it is fine.
> why not stray just a little from the norm.
> Besides , I think that every one should get the idea that
> the "bag" is just the same as a "cart".
> who the hell shops at a premium clothing store with a cart anyway.
> J
> On Thursday, March 11, 2004, at 04:40  AM, Andy Budd wrote:
> > We're about to design a site for a premium clothing brand. I'm
> > thinking about using a large-ish graphic of their shopping bag to act
> > as the icon for their shopping cart/basket, as per
> > http://www.gap.com/asp/shopping_bag.asp?wdid=0
> >
> > What do people think about breaking the shopping cart/basket
> > convention this way and using the term shopping bag, along with an
> > image of a shopping bag?

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