[thelist] Layout with divs and css

Marcus Andersson marcus at bristav.se
Sun Mar 14 11:40:57 CST 2004

Hi all

I want the following layout in a web application and I want to do it 
with divs and css and preferably without any script.

      top area, XXpx high, 100% wide
        |                       |
   left | Content area          |right
   area,| 100% high             |area,
   YYpx | 100% wide             |ZZpx
   wide,| scroll:auto           |wide,
   100% | border:1px solid      |100%
        |                       |
        |                       |
        |                       |
    bottom area, WWpx high, 100% wide

I want to have overflow:hidden on all the areas except the content area 
where I want auto. There should never be any scrollbars on the body and 
I always want all the areas to show (without scrolling). I do not want 
the scroll bars to show in the content area unless there is a lot of 
content in it (that is, I don't want it to show just because of the border).

I have managed to create one that works in IE6 but that one doesn't work 
in Moz (of course...). I have *almost* managed to create one that works 
in Mozilla but I'm not quite there.

Do anyone have any suggestions or pointers to examples that work in both 
browsers and both in quirks and standards mode (if not possible with 
both modes I'll settle for quirks)?


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