[thelist] has anuone used "getafreelancer"

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Mon Mar 15 06:51:33 CST 2004

>I asked this question before but didn't get an answer from anyone so I
>wonder if it got through to the list.
>My question is, has anyone used GetaFreelancer?

Well I saw your question and hadn't answered it, because I haven't 
used GetaFreelancer.

I was hoping that you'd found a decent freelance auction site. Most 
of them seem to end up with a ton of people from other countries that 
can bid prices that for me, here in Canada, would have me starving if 
I tried to compete ($50 US for a whole site redesign). Alas, 
GetaFreelancer *seems* to be the same. So, I haven't tried it, and 
probably won't.

Let us know what your experience is. I'd be very curious to find out.

Good luck,

Tara Cleveland
Web Design and Consulting

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