[thelist] ColdFusion server caching pages that have been deleted

Sarah Sweeney poohbear at designshift.com
Mon Mar 15 07:37:55 CST 2004

I'm hoping someone can shed some light on this problem, which is
affecting several sites which my employer hosts. ColdFusion server seems
to be caching .cfm pages so that, even when they are deleted, they are
still being served by CF server. For instance, on my own portfolio site
I used to have a separate page for each project description, but I've
since consolidated this to one page. Now, if you go to one of the old
pages, it appears to still be there (with CF errors now popping up).
I've had to use 301 redirects to make sure that no one will see these
obsolete pages.

I did some searching on google, and I did find the following which seems 
to describe the problem, but the Macromedia forum thread it refers to is 
no longer there:

Does anyone know how to prevent this?



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