[thelist] Q on dHTML sibling/child

holmegm at comcast.net holmegm at comcast.net
Mon Mar 15 07:43:50 CST 2004

>> Yes they are, but many lists I'm on like it so mail
>> readers do not try to "render" them.

"Jeff Howden" wrote:
>i've a feeling this notion is long-since outdated, if not based on myth or
>urban legend.  you wouldn't by chance have a list of some mail readers that
>struggle with this?  if you do, do you suppose any of them are actually in
>use today?

Not myth or urban legend.

Older versions of AOL used to render (mostly) any HTML they found ...

... {pauses while chorus bashes AOL without ever considering variety of
reasons a clueful person might have been using it (especially in the
past)} ...

... it was always exciting reading the last 80% of a digest as H1 size,
or what have you.  Not that I expected anybody to change their HTML
snippets to accommodate the problem, but I did note that it existed, so
it was not an urban legend.

I suspect they were trying to accommodate broken *sending* mail agents,
which were no doubt a more prevalent problem than people wanting to receive
HTML as text.

I have no idea whether current versions of AOL still have any such problems.

Greg Holmes

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