[thelist] DTD to WSDL

Mark Kennedy mark at eurogamer.net
Mon Mar 15 08:30:46 CST 2004

Well, you can't convert a DTD to a WSDL file just like that.  A WSDL file
defines not just the data structure of a document, but also the interfaces
available for exchanging data to and from the web service.



WSDL files normally have a large section put aside for defining the structure of
your messages, and this part is written using XSD (eXtensible Schema
Definition), which is analogous to a DTD.

Go here for some tools that will convert a DTD to an XSD for you:


Google publish a WSDL file that exposes their search webservice.  Take a look at
that for an example


Personally, I wouldn't attempt to write a WSDL file by hand.  Even for simple
web services they can get rather large and unreadable.  Here, we use gSoap to
build web services from simple C/C++ header files, the advantage being that
gSoap creates WSDL files representing your web service for you.  However, I have
absolutely no experience with Delphi.

Hope that gets you started.


On Mon, 15 Mar 2004, Hershel Robinson wrote:

>Our team is now entering the realm of web services. The boss says that he is
>presently leaning towards building a SOAP web service using Delphi. What he
>wants me to do now is convert this DTD:
>into a WSDL.
>Seeing as how I don't have any experience with WSDL, can anyone suggest any
>pointers to information or tools which might be of use to me?
>I have already found XML editors which claim to support WSDL and I am
>investigating these.
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