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WordPress is very nicely done. Took me about 5 minutes to set up and a
couple hours to customize the templates.

moveable type is written in Perl, not php, and is a little more difficult to
set up. I used it for a project that required about 20 blogs and it was a
resource hog.  

B2 has been morphed into WordPress.


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Hello The List,

Anyone have a strong suggestion for an open source blog tool?  I've a client
who wants a blog website.  I've worked with a couple of CMSs (Drupal, Mambo
OS) but not blogs per se.  It looks to me like WordPress and MoveableType
lead the pack, and b2 (cafelog.com) seems interesting as well.  Does anyone
have a strong opinion on this subject?


Maximillian Von Schwanekamp

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