[thelist] organizing bits and pieces

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Mon Mar 15 14:26:12 CST 2004

I know I can't be the only web developer with this problem:  

I'm on a number of discussion lists, I read blogs and newsletters etc etc to
remain current with the industry. Along the way, I've picked up thousands of
little tips and quotes etc all of which are saved either in a bookmarks
folder (if a webpage) in my email client (if in email format) or in a
directory on my harddrive.  I keep original sources out of habit should I
ever want to reference them or ask a question.  The past months have been
crazy - I got busy, my organization system came unglued and now I can't find

Is anyone using anything in particular to manage all those little bits and
pieces that is also web accessible? 

I tried using a wiki and I might work with that some more, but the nature of
wikis also has an organizational cognitive load.

I tried using forum software (phpbb), but copying and pasting all those bits
and pieces was too time consuming.

I'm about to try out blogging software but thought I'd find out what other's
are using before I jump in to extend it.

what to do?  throw it all away and rely upon google? I think not.


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