[thelist] organizing bits and pieces

Tony Crockford tonyc at boldfish.co.uk
Mon Mar 15 14:45:20 CST 2004

At 20:26 on Monday, 15 Mar 2004, lists wrote:

> Is anyone using anything in particular to manage all those little bits  
> and
> pieces that is also web accessible?

> I'm about to try out blogging software but thought I'd find out what  
> other's
> are using before I jump in to extend it.
> what to do?  throw it all away and rely upon google? I think not.

I'm keen to hear of what you find as a solution.

I used to use InfoCentral, but it got lost in various software company  

I too have tried a wiki and a blog, neither of which were easy to manage -  
too much thinking about taxonomy.

I tried enfish Onespace which was great but kept crashing my machine -  
never found a machine powerful enough to run it and all the tools i like  
to have open.

There is a guy, blogging with a very clever xml system that allows stuff  
to be stored willy nilly and connected later.

I'll try and remember his name and dig up a link.

I'm hoping to find a tool that will snip highlighted text, save it,  
analyse it - url, email address, headings etc and use those to categorise  
and retrieve the snippet later.  I'd also like to be able to link snippets  
with meaningful intelligent links in multiple ways like InfoCentral - e.g  
this person is employee of this company, friend of this person, father of  
that person and son of this person etc.

I've seen a few tools that come close....

(Opera is pretty good - esp latest version (still prerelease) - search is  
really quick and notes, bookmarks etc all to hand..)

links to follow, when I can find them ;o)

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