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--> http://norman.walsh.name/2003/05/14/how
the clever loosely connected blog guy.

interesting .. I'll try out his makefile. 

re: Drupal.. I've thought about Drupal, I even went so far as to install it
... mostly because of their use of DocBook (which the person above is
using). The thing about systems like Drupal is that they're more of a
website management system than anything and that's not really what I need. 


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> what to do?  throw it all away and rely upon google? I think not.

Ah, Opera search of my snippets reveals:

the clever loosely connected blog guy.

A realtime desktop Windows Wiki

Alternatively have you thought of combining Drupal (lots of clever  
taxonomy) and w.bloggar (http://www.wbloggar.com/) to post direct from the  

that was my closest solution - just never found enough  time to set it up  
and secure it properly

Another tool I've grown fond of for finding files is Ava find  
(http://www.think-less-do-more.com/avafind/) which indexes all your hard  
disks and tracks file changes - giving realtime results for files that you  
"can't remember where you put them...."
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