[thelist] [JS] window.onload is a liar...

Kelly Hallman khallman at ultrafancy.com
Mon Mar 15 20:29:00 CST 2004

I'm guessing it's because <body onload=""> is equivalent to 
document.body.onload() ... haven't double-checked, but
<body onload="alert(document.body.onload)"> returns the same

Not sure what fires the window.onload() handler..
probably navigating to the URL, or the start of page data/loading...


Mar 15 at 6:14pm, Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:
> I'm trying to use window.onload but it doesn't function correctly. It
> tells me that my form isn't loaded when I call my function like so:
> window.onload = BuildSelect(arr);
> What is the difference? Why is the first method really not firing at
> onload? This does not work in either IE or Gecko...

Kelly Hallman
// Ultrafancy

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