[thelist] IIS Guru help: Whitelist email

Sam Carter scforum at iness.com
Mon Mar 15 22:52:40 CST 2004

I'll try to help, but the terminology in your email is confusing at best, so
I'm unsure exactly what you need to do.

My understanding is that you can assign a specific set of IP addresses to
each SMTP virtual server. So, the hosting company can assign a specific IP
address to the SMTP Virtual Server (rather than using the "all unassigned"
option), and the SMTP server will use that specific IP address. More than
one IP address can be assigned if desired. This is probably your easiest


Microsoft MVP - Windows Server (IIS)


I hope I can clarify the terminology here...  I've got about 20 IP addresses
on our server (and the number is growing).  My customer's web is ASP / SQL
2000 based and uses CDONTS to send email from the (local) SMTP server.  The
CDONTS script is executed periodically as a scheduled SQL 2000 job VBscript.

My customer wants to whitelist a single IP address on their spam filter to
allow email from our web to enter their company when the FROM address is
actually one of their employees.

My host provider doesn't know how to "force" a specific IP address for these
SMTP emails and claims that the SMTP server might use any of the available
IP addresses (at any time) on our server.  I find this difficult to believe,
that's like saying CDONTS calls an SMTP service that picks an IP address at
random from the server to send email?  If this is true I would need to ask
my customer to whitelist every IP address on my sever.  

Sort of unreasonable.


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