[thelist] wysiwyg xhtml editors. How should ENTER key affect markup???

Scott Blanchard octigonuser at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 16 09:15:50 CST 2004

I'm looking for feedback to create an acceptable standard for my app's 
default behavior when an xhtml fragment is being edited.

For example, if the user is typing a sentence and hits the Enter key, should 
this create a paragraph tag, break tag, or div element?

How about if the user clicks SHIFT+Enter?

For comparison, I used MS Word and created the following text snippet:

This is the first line
This should be a paragraph
This should be a line break

When this is pasted into my wysiwyg editor, the rich text translation from 
MS Word is as follows...

<p>This is the first line, I just started typing</p>
<p>This should be a paragraph. I clicked ENTER
<br />This should be a line break, I clicked SHIFT+ENTER</p>

Do you all agree with the MSWord interpretation of the Enter Key events?

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