[thelist] SEO tips

Damien COLA damiencola at wanadoo.fr
Tue Mar 16 10:14:17 CST 2004

Hi Ken,

One recommandation would be to install for your client, as part of the
site, a very simple WIKI (Wakka is one simple one in PHP/MySQL) and have
the wiki listed in Google.
Then as time goes by, your client will populate easily the wiki and
create new pages of content (set permissions rights by defaults so that
only he can write, or something like that)
What you have to add to the Wakka (create) is a small script in the
header.php file that count the most used words in the page (excluding a
set of "common words") and use that TOP 10-20 keywords to populate
dynamically the Meta Tags and the Title tag too. That way each page of
the wiki will be optimized (SEO speaking) for the content it holds.
That alone will not make a good ranking for the site, you need to push
on having external links with others websites on the web. search google
for your keywords and then contact the owners of the sites that comes in
page 1-2-3 and ask them for a link exchange, or post on their forum with
a link to the site if their forum is indexed on google..
Google needs to know that your site is - independantly - linked by
others sites, and preferably for you highly ranked sites.


PS: if you've missed the SEO threads last month, don't forget that on
evolt.org you can access the ARCHIVES of the mailing list.

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