[thelist] SEO tips

kris burford kris at midtempo.net
Tue Mar 16 10:29:03 CST 2004

damien said:

>Create ... a small script in the header.php file that count the most used 
>words in the page (excluding a set of "common words") and use that TOP 
>10-20 keywords to populate dynamically the Meta Tags and the Title tag too.

what a great idea!

this should be a compulsory element of any database driven site.

another url useful for the budding webmaster is 
http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum48/71.htm. it consists of a collection 
of some of the more useful threads on the webmasterword site, including the 
*must* read, "successful sites in 12 months with google alone"

kris burford
midtempo ltd

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